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The ARENA project objectives are to:

  • Support the development of practical solutions for electronic road pricing.
  • Strengthen national competence building on road tolls and ITS.
  • Be a neutral meeting point for road pricing discussions.
  • Establish Nordic collaboration for future certification and future needs of road pricing.
  • Develop security and privacy solutions that contribute to safe and sound road user charging.
  • Develop Test Site NetPort with partners in an extended Baltic Sea cooperation.
  • Create an innovation center in ITS and road tolls.
  • Organize seminars and workshops, at national and international level in current issues.

ARENA addresses the needs identified in the Swedish Strategic Plan for ITS, ie, to establish a national road pricing system in Sweden, including subsystems, knowledge, training and implementation of the EFC directive and Commission Decision on electronic tolling.

ARENA also takes into account the national ITS Council’s objective of an active Swedish participation on the EU level. ARENA intends to continue its successful participation in the international development of EFC and put Swedish needs in an international context. Important contributions to this work shall be supplied by a Baltic Sea Forum and through participation in European standardization.

The project provides expertise and a forum to analyze and evaluate different solutions, acting as an important decision support for policy makers and authorities.

Competence Building

Although electronic road pricing has been around for decades, there is still much to be done in terms of implementing the technology in the operational and interoperable systems. Different political positions have different requirements for different technologies and systems design. Knowledge is created through participation in the important standardization efforts, including arrangements for necessary security solutions. Other areas of competence building are development of certification requirements and associated validation processes and large-scale field trials. Here technical requirements, financial constraints and practical opportunities meet regulatory requirements. Through the close cooperation with Blekinge Institute of Technology a common knowledge structure is established.

Utilization of results

ARENA focus on practical solutions for road user charging in Sweden and to develop an innovation center for ITS. Solutions that contribute to interoperable and robust road user charging system is beneficial to society since they facilitate international trade, simplifies administration for involved authorities, transport companies and individuals. ARENA has closely connection to industry through well established networks, which also ensures that the results of the project can be implemented in future products and / or services.

Regional involvement

Several member companies of NetPort.Karlshamn have an interest in practical road user charging solutions that are developed within ARENA. These member companies also participate in the development of  Test Site NetPort and in field trials conducted by ARENA. Blekinge Institute of Technology contribute to regional ITS competence development through the work of the innovation center and through project activities.

ARENA is part of an innovation system for road user charging and ITS.