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  • Proposal on distance-based RUC for trucks in Sweden

    14 March, 2017

    The governmental committee on road user charging for heavy goods vehicles in Sweden has delivered its proposals. The Committee proposes a distance-based road tax for Swedish and foreign heavy goods vehicles and vehicle combinations of at least 12 tonnes. The tax will vary based on the characteristics of the heavy goods vehicle. The owner of such a vehicle is to be associatedRead more »

  • Swedish Governmental investigation on truck tolling

    8 May, 2015

    The Swedish government has decided to appoint a commission to make proposals on how a distance-based road user charging scheme for heavy trucks can be designed. Through road user charging the heavy freight traffic to a larger extent will pay its societal costs, such as road wear and pollution. The tax shall include Swedish and foreign trucks on Swedish roads.Read more »

  • Two new reports from ARENA

    29 September, 2014

    ARENA has published two new reports in English. The reports covers parts of the strategy analysis on road charging in Sweden carried out within the project during 2013 and 2014. The first report is on the legal prerequisites and the second include policy and knowledge analysis. The work is done by Sweco and NetPort Science Park.

  • Change in government might imply road tolling in Sweden

    16 September, 2014

    The centre-right alliance, that has run Sweden for eight years, was defeated in last Sunday’s election and the Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, has handled in his resignation. The outgoing government has been an outspoken opponent of distance-based road charges. The leader of the social democratic party, Stefan Lövén, now has the mission to form a new government. The left-green partiesRead more »

  • New report from ARENA published; Nordic Road Charging Cooperation

    29 October, 2013

    The market for road tolls in the Nordic countries are limited, making investment and preparation expensive and risky. This study analyze the possibilities and challenges of creating a common platform for the next generation road charging in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. It suggests to use the same technology in all countries, while leaving to each country to decide aboutRead more »

  • Successful ARENA seminar on EETS Business Framework

    17 April, 2013

    The ARENA project and Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) arranged a seminar on business framework for EETS and other ITS services last week in Malmö, Sweden. The key  question was what the road sector can benefit from knowledge from other areas, to provide attractive ITS services with a sustainable business model. 55 delegates from 12 different countries and from allRead more »

  • Denmark puts distance based tax on hold

    26 February, 2013

    The Danish Government withdraw the proposal to introduce distance-based tax for trucks from 2015. The reason is said to be that the cost of investment and operation would be too high compared to the benefits. Tax Minister Holger K Nielsen says that user fees are a sound principle, but the cost for both the government and the companies would be tooRead more »

  • ARENA seminar on viable business framework for EETS

    12 February, 2013

    ARENA and Blekinge Institute of Technology invite to a seminar on viable business framework for EETS and other ITS services. According to the EFC directive* the European Electronic Toll Service – EETS, should have been in operation by October 2012. Although a group of prospective EETS providers, AETIS**, have been formed, no operational service has yet been established. Nevertheless, the serviceRead more »

  • Foreign vehicles to start pay congestion charge in Sweden

    10 February, 2013

    Since the Stockholm congestion charge was introduced only vehicles registered in Sweden have been obliged to pay. With new road toll schemes being activated, like Gothenburg, Motala and Sundsvall, the issue of letting all vehicles pay  has become more important. In a Governmental Official Report, delivered to the Ministry of Finance on February 7th, it’s suggested that all vehicles shouldRead more »

  • ARENA at Green Corridors Demo Day

    17 December, 2012

    At 12/12/12 the second Green Corridors Demo Day was arranged in Malmoe, Sweden. Among the 30 exhibitors was the ARENA project, informing how interoperable road charging can be an instrument for green corridor development and sustainable transport systems. ARENA showed video (also available on YouTube) and our own toll charging application, earlier user during the ARENA field trials. A lotRead more »

  • Helmsman becomes captain, new helmsman enrolls

    15 November, 2012

    Michael Forss, who’s been project manager of the ARENA project, has decided to take on new challenges at WSP in Gothenburg. Per Ola Clemedtson, who’s been on the ARENA project for four years, and Gunnar Fastén, with an extensive experience of ITS related projects, will be responsible for the project management. We wish Michael all the best for the futureRead more »

  • Succesful workshop in Malmö

    8 June, 2012

    Successful road pricing workshop the 5th of June in Malmö. 44 experts and authorities around Europe were invited to a workshop hosted by the ARENA project and the Stockholm Group. Some of the remaining critical issues for the introduction of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) were discussed. Namely a security policy and as well as Key Performance Indicators, butRead more »

  • Workshop – Towards a common specification for EETS

    19 April, 2012

    EETS needs support to get started and there is now an ongoing discussion that a regional introduction will ease its implementation. The corridors “Germany-France-Spain” and “Germany-Austria-Italy” have been mentioned as the most appropriate regions to begin with. The matter would of course be greatly facilitated if the two corridors were based on the same specification and the same would hold when extending it further across Europe. The ARENA project and Stockholm Group are therefore arranging a workshop with the aim to take another step towards a commonRead more »

  • Contract for congestion charging in Gothenburg

    16 March, 2012

    The Swedish Transport Administration can now sign an agreement with Q-Free ASA for the construction of toll booths for congestion charging in Gothenburg. The procurement was made in spring 2011 but has been subject to review in multiple jurisdictions.  Now the Supreme Administrative Court finally decided that the contract was properly executed and the contract can be signed. – ItRead more »

  • New website

    24 January, 2012

    Welcome to ARENA’s new website. Brand new design and new features all according to new web standards. This comes at the same time as the new phase of ARENA starts. Until September 2014, ARENA 3, aims to further develop road charging solutions to cope with European standardization, legislation and Commission decisions The new website has better news coverage, better categorisationRead more »

  • Stockholm congestion charge lowers operating cost

    24 September, 2011

    The operating cost for the congestion tax in Stockholm drops gradually year by year. The budget bill, which was published in September, shows that the operating cost in 2010 is one third of the revenues, 261 million SEK. The operating cost is expected to continue to decline in the coming years. When the congestion tax in Stockholm was introduced inRead more »

  • ARENA at ITS World Congress in Orlando

    23 September, 2011

    The ARENA project team will participate during the ITS World Congress in Orlando, October 16-20 2011. The Congress theme for this year is “Keeping the Economy moving”. ARENA has an exhibition in booth # 1713A (ITS Sweden). Please visit us for more information about the project!