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Stakeholders from around the world are involved in ARENA, making it a neutral platform and meeting point for road charging on an international level.


ARENA is a neutral platform for innovation and knowledge exchange within the area of road user charging. Since 2006 all different stakeholders, like infrastructure operators, politician, authorities, shippers, forwarders, carriers, suppliers of road charging equipment and systems as well as experts and researchers, gather at ARENA and all different projects and activities that ARENA organize.

A unique feature is ARENA’s triple helix view and the collaboration between science, enterprises and the public sector. The view of different stakeholders grants the quality of knowledge and solutions suggested by ARENA. The goal is to offer practical and efficient solutions, in all different angles, for users, suppliers and operators.

ARENA has developed a concept for road charging suitable both for Swedish prerequisite and international legal frameworks. The concept has been validated in field trials in real truck traffic – one of the first demonstrations of international interoperability. Other areas of research are innovative funding of infrastructure, incentive mechanisms in the transport sector, innovative methods for traffic measurement and methods for effect evaluation of road charging. Experts from ARENA supply knowledge to national authorities and the Swedish government.

ARENA is coordinated by NetPort Science Park in collaboration with BTH Blekinge Institute of Technology and Sweco. Most funding comes from The Swedish Transport Administration, The Swedish Transport Agency, Vinnova – Sweden’s Innovation Agency and Region Blekinge.