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Swedish Governmental investigation on truck tolling

Publicerad den 8 May, 2015

The Swedish government has decided to appoint a commission to make proposals on how a distance-based road user charging scheme for heavy trucks can be designed.

Through road user charging the heavy freight traffic to a larger extent will pay its societal costs, such as road wear and pollution. The tax shall include Swedish and foreign trucks on Swedish roads.

Introducing road user charging would also:

  • Contribute to reach the Government’s goal of reducing the environmental impact of the transport sector
  • Contribute to some long-distance freight shift from truck to rail and maritime transport
  • Provide increased opportunities to steer towards more environmentally friendly trucks
  • Increase overall compliance and enforcement opportunities among actors in the road freight transport business

The study shall make a proposal for a technical solution and the necessary procedural rules for road user charging. The investigation shall also suggest design and scope of the tax, and to perform an impact assessment. The assignment will be reported in December 2016.