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Change in government might imply road tolling in Sweden

Publicerad den 16 September, 2014

The centre-right alliance, that has run Sweden for eight years, was defeated in last Sunday’s election and the Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, has handled in his resignation. The outgoing government has been an outspoken opponent of distance-based road charges.

The leader of the social democratic party, Stefan Lövén, now has the mission to form a new government. The left-green parties in Sweden since long have been suggesting distance-based truck tolling in Sweden. However, neither the left-green, nor the centre-right parties holds a majority in the Parliament, since a far right party holds 13%.

Road tolls is about to become a hot topic in Sweden but it is not yet clear if there will be a majority in the Parliament that will vote for an implementation. ARENA is closely following the further development.