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ARENA develops practical solutions for road charging systems, establishes Test Site NetPort and an innovation center for ITS

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  • Swedish Governmental investigation on truck tolling

    Publicerad den 8 May, 2015

    The Swedish government has decided to appoint a commission to make proposals on how a distance-based road user charging scheme for heavy trucks can be designed. Through road user charging the heavy freight traffic to a larger extent will pay its societal costs, such as road wear and pollution. The tax shall include Swedish and foreign trucks on Swedish roads.Read more »

  • Two new reports from ARENA

    Publicerad den 29 September, 2014

    ARENA has published two new reports in English. The reports covers parts of the strategy analysis on road charging in Sweden carried out within the project during 2013 and 2014. The first report is on the legal prerequisites and the second include policy and knowledge analysis. The work is done by Sweco and NetPort Science Park.