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RUC Seminar 6 februari 2007

ARENA RUC Seminar 1
Seminar title: The Swedish approach in a European context

ARENA RUC Seminar 1 Presentations - 6 februari, 2007

Presentations from ARENA RUC Seminar, 6 February 2007


09:00 Welcoming address.Christer Rydmell, Swedish Road Administration

09:20 Introduction to the conceptual design, Jonas Sundberg, SWECO VBB

09:50 Experts give their view

  • Jesper Engdahl, RAPP Trans AG, Switzerland
  • Mirka Tikvicki, Satellic, Germany

10:20 Coffee Break

10:40 Experts give their view on the Swedish concept.

  • Neil Schofield, Department for Transport, Great Britain,
  • Jan Willem Tierolf, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
  • Michael Bibaritsch, Prime Consulting Services, Austria
  • Viktor Hatwagner, Kapsch TrafficCom AG

11:40 Discussions, Comments from delegates, conclusions and recommendation for further work. Identifying topics for the afternoon session. Professor Phil Blythe

12:40 Lunch

13:15 Introduction to break out sessions, Professor Eric Sampson, UK

13:30 Break out session on the following topics:

  • How will we achieve European interoperability – Directive 2004/52?
  • RUC and telematics a happy marriage – or who is leading whom, where are the benefits
  • From a political decision and policy vision to a fully implemented system.
  • Viable enforcement

14:30 Presentations from break out session

15:30 Conclusions and way forward, Professor Eric Sampson, UK

16:00 End of seminar